Astha Dixit is a Kathak Danseuse who has touched the hearts of people all over the world. She uses this age old art form to speak the language of the soul. Through her dance she she expresses poetry, emotion and the relationship of love with the Divine. Her stage presence has a unique quality to pull and carry the audience into her dance and take them on a journey of the heart . Graceful and precise in her movement, she skilfully plays with Bhav (expression) and technique. Having studied in both Gharanas of Kathak, she has received her Kathak training in Delhi from Shri Harish Gangani of the Jaipur Gharana and from Smt. Malti Shyam of the Lucknow Gharana. She has had the privilege of receiving some finer nuances of the dance form in workshops of Pt. Birju Marahaj.

Through her various projects she has sought to share with her audiences a unique relationship with the Divine. she has interpreted kalam (poetries) of Sufi mystics - Amir Khusrau, Bulleh Shah, Kwaja Gulam Farid, Zaheen, Nazir Akhbarabadi, Sultan Bahu, Turab Ali Shah. She danced for the Jahan-e-Khusrau Sufi Music Festival in New Delhi, Lucknow, and Jaipur. She has choreographed a number of projects set to classical compositions, ghazal, qawalli where she has brought out the versatility of Kathak dance as a pathway to the Divine. She has brought Kathak dancers and Sufi whirling dervish together on the stage together to create a unique experience of surrender through art."

She served as a dancer with the Repertory of the Kathak Kendra National Institute of Kathak Dance under Sangeet Natak Academi for two years. She has worked with the topmost Guru's of Kathak including Smt. Kumudini Lakhia, Smt. Gitanjali Lal, Pt. Rajendra Gangani and Smt. Malti Shyam in their choreographic works for major national and international dance festivals such as Khajuraho Dance Festival, Konark Festival, Kathak Mahotsav, Festival of India, China, India Show, Czechoslovakia. She has done Lecture Demonstration tours with Spic Macay and IRCEN in different school across India.

Her solo performances spread across numerous festivals in India, China, UK, Germany, and US. She has done groundbreaking work in Kathak on the Sufi poetries of great mystics. She has worked with a poet/artist interpreting Buddhist haikus and live brushstrokes in Kathak.

Astha has been an actress in South Indian Cinema where she played lead role in a mythological based film and a secondary role as a young dance teacher (2006-2007). She has been featured in the music video, Aaja Re Aaja, for singer Nipun Amayruss.

Raised originally in Los Angeles, Californa, Astha co-founded her own dance company that toured throughout the US. Her company presented aesthetic blends of traditional Indian dance adapted to modern audiences. As they became an icon for unique India inspired performances in the Hollywood Industry, Astha and her dance company performed in an International Pepsi Commercial with world famous pop singer, Christina Aguilera in 2005.

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